Three Walls Development, LLC (3WD) is a minority-owned community development company established in 2022. Our founder, a Baltimore City native with a background in community service, finance, and real estate development, formed the company while participating in the University of Baltimore’s Real Estate Fellows Program.

While 3WD is building its resumé as a company, our members have over ten years of combined experience in the areas of real estate development, construction, finance, business administration, organizational leadership, community engagement, workforce development, and project management. As 3WD grows its business name and reputation on the values that brought the vision for this company together, we look forward to becoming your go-to development partner in restoring vacant blocks into vibrant, sustainable communities.  Read More...

Our Services

Project Management

Feasibility/Market/Financial Analysis

Pro Forma Modeling

Community Engagement

Homebuyer Education

Incentive Procurement